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WIN The contestant did the best on their team in the week's Main Dish challenge and was considered the winner.

BTM The contestant was selected as one of the bottom entries in the Main Dish challenge, but was not eliminated. With 45 minutes on the clock, the chef had to cook a dish and whoever has the worst dishes were to be picked for teams.

What the recruits didn't know was that Anne and Beau would only select the 12 worst of the worst for boot camp, and they also didn't know that Anne and Beau would pick for their opponent's team.

Each team had one hour to replicate their respective Local sluts Seminole Florida dish. During the challenge, Hamed, Wilhelmina, Eddie, and David all struggled.

Hamed forgot to put his clams on the plate, Eddie overcooked his shrimp and used too much saffron, Wilhelmina's Broth had too much soy sauce, and David messed up the garnish.

Elimination: After tasting, Rebecca and Marque were named the winners on their respective teams, and Sophia, Rachel, Jenny, Jen, Kelly, and Susie didn't have the best dishes, Woman Blue Ash sex free ad they also didn't have the worst dishes and they were deemed safe from elimination.

Hamed and Eddie were the bottom two on the red Horny single moms Stockholm, and Wihelmina and David with the bottom two on the blue team, but in the end, Hamed and Wihelmina were sent home. Episode 2: Skill Drill: The chefs bring the recruits to Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse to teach them about classic knife skills such as Julienne and Slicing.

Season 2 debuted on January 2,