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The Daewoo Matiz 1.0 is a saloon (sedan) designed by Italdesign with 5 doors and a front mounted engine which transmits its power through the front wheels. The Daewoo Matiz 1.0’s engine is a naturally aspirated petrol, 1 litre, single overhead camshaft 4 cylinder with 2 valves per cylinder. It produces 63 bhp (64 PS/47 kW) of power at 5400 rpm, and maximum torque of 87 N·m (64 lb·ft/8.9 kgm) at 4200 rpm. This power is supplied to the wheels by means of a 5 speed manual gearbox. Its claimed kerb weight is 795 kg. Top quoted speed is 152 km/h (94 mph), stated fuel consumption figures are 8.2/5.3/6.4 l/100km urban/extra-urban/combined, and carbon dioxide emissions are 158.0 g/km.


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